Replicability crisis in science?
September 19th, 2023 - 14:30 - 18:00
Sala delle Edicole - Palazzo del Capitano, 
Piazza Capitaniato​ 3

When evaluating the reliability of scientific findings and predictions, a major concern is about their replicability, that is their consistency across different studies aimed at answering the same question. A ‘replicability crisis’ has been claimed in the last decades, denouncing that a large part of published research findings, especially in applied sciences, such as psychology or medicine failed to be confirmed by subsequent studies. Difficulties in moving from empirical evidence and data analysis to a scientific result push towards the need to clarify various aspects, such as rigorous definitions, the possible tools for understanding and communicating the uncertainty inherent in most scientific conclusions, the definition of non-questionable research practices.

The workshop has been organised together with the twin event of the Summer school on "Replicability crisis in science"

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14.30 Welcome speechs
14.40 Branden Fitelson, Northeastern University (USA) - "The Replication Crisis: A View from Philosophy of Science"
15.40 Giovanni Parmigiani, Harvard University (USA) - "Replicability and Decision Theory"
16.40 Break
17.00 Marzia Soavi, FISPPA Department - University of Padua - "Replication and inference to best explanation"
17.20 Alessandra Salvan, Dep. of Statistical Sciences - University of Padua - "Replicability and Safe, Anytime Valid Inference (SAVI)"
17.40 Gianmarco Altoé, Dep. of Developmental Psychology and Socialisation - University of Padua - "Replicability crisis ... is not the only one: Other current challenges/opportunities to enhance science"
18.00 Conclusion
18.10 Aperitif